Sparkler Exits…A fading wedding trend?

Sparkler exits have long been a cherished tradition at weddings, casting a glow on newlyweds as they embark on their journey to forever. Yet, amidst the countless Instagram pictures of dipping brides under a sparkler lit aisle, a subtle shift is taking place in the world of weddings. What was once a quintessential part of the celebration is now facing a decline in popularity. 

No one wants to get burned.

While sparkler exits might seem like a fun and romantic way to end the night, they can actually be a bit risky. Sparklers are incredibly hot and can cause clothing, hair or any number of things to catch fire.  Plus, there’s always the chance of someone getting burned. And what you don’t see in all those pretty Instagram posts are the smoke and fumes detracting from the fun of the occasion.

What else is out there?

As weddings become more personalized couples are seeking unique ways to infuse their weddings with elements that are reflective of their personalities. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to sparkler exits. Fiber Optic Wands, Ribbon Wands, Paper Lanterns, Pom Poms, Glow Sticks and Ecofetti. Cold Spark Machines give you a similar experience to Sparklers without all the danger and they pair nicely with any of the other alternatives. For a whimsical touch, bubble exits create an enchanting atmosphere that’s sure not to disappoint.

Photography by Coastal Events and Design

Time to break away from the crowd and be uniquely you.

While sparkler exits may have had their moment in the spotlight, today’s couples are embracing alternative options that are reflective of their love story. So, as you plan your wedding, consider the possibilities beyond sparklers and discover the magic of a truly unforgettable exit.