Can’t Stop the Feeling… But You Can Stop Drinking: Wedding Alcohol Safety with a Trolls-Worthy Twist

Let’s face it, weddings are a time to celebrate love, bust a move on the dance floor, and maybe even belt out a cheesy pop song (cue “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”). But just like even the smoothest Troll king can get into trouble (remember that whole drunk driving incident with NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake?), it’s important to remember to keep things safe when the champagne starts flowing.

Here’s the thing: nobody wants a Troll-tastic meltdown at their wedding reception. It’s your special day, and the last thing you need is to deal with intoxicated guests causing a scene or, worse yet, putting themselves or others at risk.

Photo by Caywood Photography

So, how can you ensure a fun-filled and safe celebration? Here are a few tips:

Hydration Station: Water is your friend! Set up a dedicated water station with fun glasses and fruit slices to encourage guests to stay hydrated throughout the night.

Food Glorious Food: Don’t let your guests get hangry! A good spread of food, especially before the alcohol flows freely, helps people pace themselves. Even better, offer a late-night snack. Did somebody say Gourmet Grilled Cheese Station?

Designated Drivers: Encourage guests to plan ahead by designating a sober driver. You could even offer “Designated Driver” gift bags.

Ride Sharing Service Make sure your guests know their transportation options! Partner with Uber or Lyft to offer a discount code for your wedding guests. This makes it easy and affordable for them to get home safely.

Offer a complimentary shuttle service This takes the guesswork out of transportation entirely, allowing your guests to relax and enjoy the festivities without worry.

Bartender Knows Best: Izenstone’s bartenders are trained in responsible serving practices. They will card guests, cut off intoxicated individuals politely, and offer non-alcoholic alternatives. Mocktails anyone?

Cash Bar or Open Bar with Limits? This is your call. Open bars can get expensive, but a cash bar might encourage moderation. Consider a “signature drink” with a catchy name like Mint to Be Mojito or Tying the Knot Tonic or limit the number of drinks per guest.

Discourage pre-gaming We want the party to be at the reception, not the parking lot! Additionally, to comply with venue regulations, please be aware that outside alcohol is not permitted on the premises. No one wants the happy couple to go home with a fine for outside alcohol being brought in.

Remember, a little planning goes a long way. By incorporating these tips, you can ensure a wedding reception that’s full of joy, laughter, and happy memories, without any Troll-sized regrets. Now that’s something to celebrate!